Whisky Revisited: Laphroaig Triple Wood

I started this thinking I hadn’t reviewed this dram, but a quick scan of headings tells me I have. So I thought I’d revisit it, without looking back at what I said last time. It’s a tricky thing, Laphroaig, I love it in all of its many forms, but I’m not sure I can tell all of them apart. Maybe I should test that at a tasting some time, see if I can.

Nose: It smells like Laphroaig, sweet, smoky, iodine, peaty, oily, the sea.

Taste: Lots of smoke, hints of dark cocoa, toffee, oily smoky peaty goodness.

Finish: long, rum and raisin chocolate,

Now I’ll see what I said last time…. mostly the same, less fruit up front perhaps, no pepper. Good to see my palate is generally consistent. Last time I said it seemed dialled down from the stronger Laphroaigs, but this time around I’m just getting different, a decent kick of flavour. Maybe not my favourite Laphroaig, but a decent dram.




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